Top 5 FPL picks – Brighton

Disclaimer: The Transfer Window is still open and things could dramatically change for some, or all players mentioned in the Article. The content is however of substance at the time of publishing.

Brighton & Hove Albion finished one position above the relegation zone and had a season to forget. However, despite interlinkage to overall team performance and FPL points, we mangers can extract some value from such teams too. To be fair, Brighton did show some quality occasionally and had half decent defensive performances, but these were nowhere near the expectations and FPL prices of their players. With a bad season, come down the expectations and FPL prices, and up goes the number of managers willing to take a cheeky punt.

So, cheeky punt it is. And rightly so, Brighton have a favourable set of fixtures, amongst the best ones till GW7, giving us plenty of scope to start with some Brighton assets in the beginning of the season.

1. Tariq Lamptey: £4.5M (DEF)

Note: Injury status of Lamptey needs to be ensure before picking him!

If you can have just one Brighton asset, make it Lamptey. Let’s agree on this, with no disrespect to Brighton, Lamptey is too good a player for a team finishing 16th in the league. If his age is taken into account, then player with that big a potential should not be anywhere outside the Big 6 clubs not competing for trophies. The fact that Chelsea let such a talented youngster slip through their academy feels almost criminal now. The praise we shower on him does not make us an exception in any sense. Lamptey has been heavily linked for a move to bigger clubs with more money with Tottenham Hotspurs leading the race with Arsenal, PSG and Bayern Munich all chasing.

But even considering him as a part of Brighton, Lamptey presents excellent value as a £4.5M defender. Brighton as a team allow the opposition suspiciously low amount of shots for a bottom half team (which is why Sanchez loses a lot on potential save points, and hence not our #1 pick from Brighton). Further, Tariq plays in a league of his own when it comes to attacking contribution, sometimes almost having starting position of a winger.

Blessed with an immaculate engine inside him, Lamptey was a common feature running up and down the Brighton right flank at the start of 20/21 season. Sadly, the season ended very prematurely for him as he could only feature in 11 matches amassing just 887 minutes. But with Lamptey, it’s not all talk with no results. The London born 20-year old had already scored and assisted thrice by the time his season ended with an injury. Lamptey also laid out 34 crosses, coming out with an impressive 3.45 crosses per 90. To put that into perspective, Cesar Azpilicueta has 37 crosses in almost 2.5 times the number of minutes.

Taking into account the proven defensive tactics of Brighton, and the attacking potential of Lamptey, he will be a beautiful cheap pick in the Defence for your FPL team.

2. Robert Sánchez: £4.5M (GK)

Brighton are an anomaly. They conceded too less for a bottom half team (that finished 17th), but they also concede very show shots, which reduces the FPL worthiness of a goal keeper from a bottom half team (as goal keepers earn a point for every three saves). If not for the low number of shots conceded, Sanchez would have been the best goal keeper pick throughout the FPL this year, however, as things stands, he is our #2 pick from Brighton.

If only the attacking players could have a better conversion rate, Brighton would not have been near the relegation places. Whilst despite being amongst the bottom teams for all attacking statistics and indexes, Brighton actually come out amongst the better ones for most defensive indexes. Only 6 teams had a better defensive record in the 20/21 season that Brighton, who conceded 46 goals, the least by a margin in the bottom half.

A big factor in this defensive record is their goalkeeper, Robert Sanchez who has been with Brighton since 2018, but having spent two seasons on loans in the 4th division and the 3rd division, Sanchez only debuted for Brighton late into the season in November, 2020. In fact, he didn’t start again for the next five fixtures and had played a grand total of 90 mins till Brighton played Fulham in December, 2020, their 13th game of the season.

However, there was no turning back for Sanchez from thereon. He kept 10 clean sheets in the 27 matches he played and scored 101 points in his maiden FPL season. These performances even earned him a call up with the Spanish National team for the Euros. The only down-side to owning Sanchez as a FPL asset is his low number of saves, as Brighton are too good defensively for a bottom half team. Usually, most keepers outside the top-6 teams earn plenty of Bonus and Save points to compensate for their lack of clean sheets.

3. Leandro Trossard: £6.5M (MID)

As their stats suggests, Brighton were poor going forward and were amongst the worst performing teams when it came to scoring goals. While football is a team game, FPL is not, and therefore we are only concerned with the question that whether a Brighton player can be singled out who can provide good attacking value. Well, amongst the few attacking players that can be picked out, Trossard has to be the best one.

To begin with, Trossard has being priced at a very tempting £6.5M for someone who scored 132 FPL points in 2602 minutes (coming out a sweet 4.56 points per 90) getting 5 goals and 6 assists from the Brighton midfield. The Belgium international have been rightly given a small price bump from his last years price of £6M.

Coming high on confidence after a brilliant summer with his National team in the Euros 2020, Trossard could even be starting up-front alongside Maupay in the Brighton line-up. Even in the current formation, the two strikers Brighton play tend to get wide, with Trossard dropping in between the two strikers becoming the central point of the attack.

However, despite being are #3 pick from Brighton, there are better options available in FPL for a £6.5M attacker with Raphiphina, Beundia and the likes. Given the favourable Brighton fixtures though, an attacking asset can still be considered.

4. Lewis Dunk: £5M (DEF)

Neither a premium defender, nor a cheap one. Dunk has been priced awkwardly at £5M, which is why he is so low on our list. He does provide a decent goal threat, and is completely certain to start all matches when fit, but still feels sad to pay £5M for a Centre-back from a team that finished 16th in the league last season.

As stated, he brings to things to the table; and he brings them in a lot. His consistency too is amazing, which is evident from his numbers over the last four seasons.

Brighton’s defence is not a subject of discussion anymore. They have incredible underlying stats and some evidence to show that they can defend. The odd-unlucky goal has been destroying too many clean sheets for them. We can only hope that stops sometime soon.

5. Neal Maupay: £6.5M (FWD)

The volatile Frenchman from Brighton is our #5 pick on the list. We explained how Brighton really lagged behind in attacking numbers despite creating a lot of chances and getting into decent scoring positions, well Maupay is one reason for that. He took a total of 71 shots, scoring only 8 goals from them. He also missed a penalty, taking his ‘big chances missed’ tally to 11.

Now again, ideally a football fan would think about what the picture could have been with Maupay scoring his chances. But we as fantasy managers are only concerned about how many FPL points can he give and whether that number is justified with his FPL price or not. With 8 goals and 2 assists, totaling 105 FPL points, the answer is in the mix. But given a favourable set of initial fixtures and lack of decent forward options this year, Neal Maupay could prove to be a nice differential as a player who is a nailed on starter.

With that, we conclude our discussion on top 5 picks from Brighton. To sum it up, Lamptey and Sanchez look brilliant picks in defence given their price point and initial set of fixtures for Brighton. If you are planning on an early wildcard and playing only as per the fixtures at the start, Trossard and Maupay can prove to be half decent differential picks too.